About Us

Approximately 15 years ago, the Zdunic family, not happy with the meat they were consuming wondered "what if". What if they raised their own cattle with their own grains, without any antibiotics or hormones? By knowing what went into the grains and meat they ate, they felt more comfortable feeding the family they were starting to raise. Being health conscious themselves, they wanted to be able to eat meats that were from a breed of cattle that were naturally lean and naturally raised.

Like many of us, the Zdunic family wanted something they could be proud to give to their children: Meat that was naturally aged a minimum of 21 days, healthy and lean. The family looked for these products in retail stores but, they either could not find them or were unsure of what was in the product. In speaking with friends and family they soon realized that they all wanted the same thing.

So Agram Farms was born from necessity and began to grow from just a few cattle to over a hundred, which now includes veal as well. During this evolution, they realized that the general public also wanted the same healthier products. The vision was born, to have naturally raised, drug free meats, that were grain fed and dry aged, available to the public without the premium price.

They heard the frustration of customers who asked the most basic of questions.

  1. Why was the meat tough?
  2. What are the animals fed?
  3. Is the meat naturally raised?
  4. Can't get meat thicker, thinner, bigger or smaller?
  5. Why does this meat come pre-packaged?
  6. If you don't cut it here, then where is it cut?
  7. Is the meat aged and how long?
  8. Why is the meat boxed in vacuum bags?
  9. Do you know where you meat comes from?

With the onset of BSE consumers became aware that retailers were purchasing their meat from large processors, who themselves were not sure exactly where the meat came from. Large amounts of meat from different growers brought together and then shipped to retailers. The consolidation of the industry, through the experiences of BSE has shown that there are some inherent problems when processing on large scales. With consumer confidence at a low, consumers were beginning to look for alternatives.

At Agram Meats, we believe that we are the alternative. "From our farm to you" is not just our slogan, it's our philosophy. We have partnered with other producers such as Waterdown Poultry, who provide us with drug free, naturally raised, animal protein feed free, air chilled chickens.

Even our processed meats are unique. With our own state of the art smokehouse, we produce deli meats that are naturally smoked and hand trimmed. We are proud of our Smoked hams and bacon. By definitions deli meats contain in their base components nitrites which act as a curing agent. So we try to use as little preservatives as possible while trying to maintain the appearance and flavour of our Deli meats.

We are very proud of our bacon. It is hand-selected, hand-cut, fully smoked and fully cooked bacon. This ensures the meatiest of slices with the least amount of shrink and a fullness of flavour. We slowly smoke our bacon over hardwood chips until they are fully cooked. There is no comparison between what we consider bacon and what you find elsewhere. Our hams are cut from hand selected pork, they are full muscle hams, they are not ground pieces of meat and they are slowly smoked using old world methods to ensure flavour and texture.

Cedar Grilling Company has proven through competition that Agram Meats are superior in flavour and tenderness. We are proud to sponsor Cedar Grilling Team and congratulate them on being the "Canadian Grand BBQ Champions".

We would like to invite you to try Agrams, you will not be disappointed. Come and see how eating natural, wholesome, homemade products is the way life should be lived.